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The History

The Ziller Holding Company was established in 1926 in Hilden Germany, near Dusseldorf by Dr. Hans Ziller. The holding group consists of Nilos Ring, Nilos Belting, Kroll & Ziller Gaskets and Coal Control.

Who NILOS- Rings is:

  • comprised of 70 employees in Production, R & D and Distribution
  • have their own development department, tool design and construction
  • represented by over 40 distribution partners
  • have over 3 million NILOS-Rings in stock
  • over 5000 Nilos Ring tools from 9mm OD to 540mm OD
  • ISO 9001:2000

Benefits of Using NILOS-Ring Products:

  • optical quality control
  • fabrication quality control
  • state-of-the-art production
  • has their own research and development department
  • designs and manufactures their own tooling in-house

Folie 1Types of NILOS-Rings:

  • an “AV” ring seals the outer bearing. (see pic)
  • a “JV” is a ring that seals the inner ball bearing. The sealing lip is smaller, therefore a higher speed is possible. Also, the sealing edge is not under pressure from the centrifugal force of the lubricant. (see pic)
  • an “AK” consists of two spot welded rings where the inner edge seals at the outer bearing ring and the outer edge seals in the housing. (see pic)

A LSTO-Ring is a labyrinth seal which has:

  • non contact
  • has lubricant inside
  • suitability for high velocity
  • version LST-L Ring which is an enhanced version of the LSTO Ring with an added Viton gasket inside

Advantages of NILOS-Rings:

  • don’t need much space
  • due to the small overall height they can be mounted into existing designs
  • the all metal construction makes them rigid and very rugged
  • are resistant to a wide range of extreme temperatures from -40F to 752F
  • re-greasing of the bearing is NOT required if NILOS-Rings are used on both sides

Standard Materials

  • galvanized steel – covered with 3 micron zinc
  • brass – for applications close to the sea
  • stainless steel – for food applications and chemical industry

Field applications for NILOS-Rings:

  • Materials Handling
  • Agricultural Machines
  • Electro-tools and motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Automotive Engineering

Folie 1Several examples of NILOS-Ring applications:

  • Type AV in the idler of an escalator (see pic)
  • Types AV/JV and LSTO in the bearing of an idler (see pic)
  • Types LSTO and JV in the bearings of a disc hub (see pic)
  • Types AV and JV sealing the bearings of an angle grinder (see pic)
  • Type LSTO in the bearing of a drum motor (see pic)
  • Types AV and JV in the bearings of a gear unit (see pic)
  • Type LSTO in a compressor (see pic)
  • Types AK and JV in a fork lift truck’s steering axle (see pic)
  • Type AV in a shock absorbing leg bearing (see pic)
  • Type DISKU in the bearing of a Vibrato motor (see pic)



pdf_icon CLICK HERE to download the complete NILOS RING catalog in pdf format.